DrillLESS Brake “Break-Down”



What is that plate?

The Steering Column plate (known as the “DrillLess Plate”) is constructed from All-USA Steel about a quarter inch thick. It is custom fitted per vehicle and attaches to existing bolts that come stock on the Driver’s Side near the steering column.


What are all the parts and how do they work with each other?

There are (3) components (besides the actual brake) that allow the Driver’s Side to be totally DrillLless.

1st – and most importantly – is the DrillLESS Driver’s Side plate (C in Figure 1B), pictured in blue outline (the circled areas are where the bolts attach).

The 2nd component is the Floor Mount/Pulley Plate (B in Figure 1B) that would — without the DrillLESS Plate — be drilled into the floor or firewall (Figure 1A shows the old way of bolting down the Floor Mount in previous Installs).  In the DrillLESS Application, the holes for the Floor Mount are pre-drilled, and you or /your installer can fasten the Floor Mount to the DrillLESS Plate.

For specifics of finding existing points to fasten the DrillLESS Plate
(to OEM Bolts or Screws/Holes)
please call the manufacturer at 443-326-1543

  • Prevents potential damage to car from driver’s side drilling.
  • Easy In/Easy Out – Saves Time & Money.
  • No guess work for floor mount position.

The 3rd part is the Arm Bracket (Figure 1A). This is where the cable attaches to pull down the OEM brake arm. The excess cable can be looped through the wire rope clip (we always recommend to NOT cut the cable, but instead loop the excess length through this part of the bracket).  NOTE: This is a BRACKET, No Drilling.

Figure 1A
Driver’s Side WITHOUT DrillLess Plate – past installs.

Figure 1B
A = Brake Arm Clamp
B = Floor Mount/Pulley Mount
C = DrillLess Plate